Our Mulch Yard

Robinson Lumber makes sure nothing is wasted in our operation. From the largest beams down to the smallest shaving – we believe it all can be used. The mulch yard provides local MA residents with the perfect option for:

  • Pine Sawdust/Shavings for bedding
  • Woodchips for wood pellet manufacturers and landscaping
  • Bark Mulch for landscaping and home: enhanced color mulch or natural mulch

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iStock_000009809758XSmallColor Enhanced Mulch

$30.00 /yard

$25 /yard 6 yards +

4 Colors to choose from

naturalmulchNatural Mulch

$30.00 /yard

$25 /yard 6 yards +

No color added

tn-S2010039Wood Chips

$15.00 /yard

$12.00 /yard 6 yards + 

tn-ssPine Sawdust & Shavings


How Much Mulch do You Need?

Our easy to use mulch yardage calculator will give you an instant accurate measurement!

Mulch Yardage Calculator